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I get it. I've been there myself. But it's important to know that if you've been yo-yo dieting for years, or maybe even decades, and still haven't found the health and happiness you're looking for, it's not your fault. And that's because diets don't work. 

The diet industry would have you believe that you have to be thin to be healthy, or to be worthy of love and happiness. Diet culture would also have you believe that if you don't fit into the thin ideal it reflects a character flaw - that you are lazy, unmotivated, and less-than.

It's my job to teach you that none of this is true. Welcome to Wayza Health, where we show you the way to health, happiness and peace around food...at any size.

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Our mission is to empower you to prioritize your health, not your weight, and to promote a world where everyone can thrive, regardless of their size. Let’s work together to break free from diet culture, enjoy vibrant health, and challenge the weight stigma that affects us all.

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I am just like you...I spent decades of my life jumping from one diet to the next, in the never-ending pursuit of thinness. I was miserable for much of that time, believing that as a physician, I had to be thin if I expected my patients and colleagues to respect me. I truly believed weight loss was the answer to my problems. And so I became board certified in obesity medicine and trained in nutrition science and eating psychology. What I learned surprised me...I discovered just how much harm dieting had been causing me, physically and emotionally. And so I jumped off the diet rollercoaster and started focusing on what I really wanted for myself... better health, more joy, and improved confidence. And I found it all. My passion is to share what I've learned with women everywhere. It's time to break out of diet prison and discover the truth - that we are all beautiful and deserving of health...in the bodies we have right now.

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