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Change is a constant in our lives, a force that shapes our journey and propels us towards growth. I am no stranger to change myself, having gone through many transformations over the course of my life. While the focus is often on how hard change can be, today I want to look at how we […]

Mastering big life changes with positive psychology

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Embarking on the journey of intuitive eating is a beautiful way of respecting your body and tuning into its inner wisdom, while opening doors to a healthier relationship with food and your body. In this blog, we delve into the essence of intuitive eating with Krista Beck, a Canadian registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating […]

Getting Started With Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Today, I want to share the story of health coach and hypnotherapist Sarah Donner. Starting out as a model at just 14 years old (all while going through the normal teenage body changes), her whole self-worth was focused on the size of her body. Luckily, transitioning careers allowed her to understand that there was so […]

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Intuitive Eating

Today, we are delving into a topic that has gained significant attention recently: Ozempic and other GLP-1 inhibitors as weight loss medications. To help me broach this topic, I recently spoke with Heidi Karner, a dietician with a Masters in Health Promotion, who practices through an anti-diet, size-inclusive lens.  Through sharing Heidi’s expert insights, I […]

Caution: This blog refers openly to eating disorders, which can be triggering for many. If it’s triggering for you, take care of your needs and get some support before you dive in. When we talk about eating disorders and disordered eating, many of us automatically think of adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. The images that […]

Eating Disorders in Middle Age

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A listener recently got in touch to ask me if intuitive eating can play a role in the treatment of eating disorders. The short answer: yes, it absolutely does. Intuitive eating is an evidence-based approach to treating eating disorders. However, as with any complex issue, there are nuances and caveats to consider. In this blog […]

Can intuitive eating help heal eating disorders?

Intuitive Eating

The prevailing belief in our society equates weight with health. This weight-centric health paradigm not only oversimplifies a complex issue but also perpetuates a harmful narrative that thinness equates to worthiness and respect. Driven by good intentions, proponents of this paradigm often overlook the harm it causes.  The problem is that this paradigm is not […]

Over the past six months, I’ve been working on shifting my focus away from weight loss, and away from trying to mold my body to fit into the definition of beauty that the culture I live in has defined for me.  Previously, I believed my desire to lose weight stemmed from health concerns, finding well-fitting […]

“Self-care” is not what we think…

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