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Amanda Mittman is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and body image coach who beautifully embodies my new direction of health at every size. She owns a group private practice of registered dietitians supporting people with disordered eating and eating disorders and teaches providers how to incorporate body image counseling skills into their […]

Weight Loss Isn’t Always The Answer

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Over the past year or so, I have been quite committed to learning and living the principles of intuitive eating, which has made a huge difference for me.  Has it had an impact on my weight?  A little bit, but more in the sense that I am no longer stressing out about food. I am […]

Introducing Intuitive Eating

Health At Every Size

In a world inundated with societal expectations and a seemingly constant barrage of body-related messages, the concept of self-love can seem quite foreign. A book that has been gathering dust on my bookshelf recently caught my attention—“The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-love” by Sonya Renee Taylor. While the term “body […]

My body is not an apology

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I had no idea you could actually sit down and have an argument with your body, but it’s something I find myself doing a lot of the time. The reason for this is the external diet rules that continue to float around in my head – the “shoulds” and the “shouldn’ts” that can dictate my […]

A recent Facebook post from a fellow physician triggered such an emotional response from me, I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you as I was yet again reminded how pervasive weight discrimination and fat shaming is in our culture, even within medical circles. Her post stated that “40% of Americans are considered obese” […]


Health At Every Size

Today I’m really excited to be giving you a real time update on what’s going on in Michelle’s world! I’m sharing my wins and successes, what I’m working on, what’s been challenging me, and what my summer plans are looking like.  A few months ago, I changed the focus of my business from weight loss […]

My Slurpee Epiphany

Health At Every Size

No family is perfect, and every family has its own set of challenges to contend with, but early trauma can often lead to abusive or narcissistic relationships as adults. Susan Gold, author of “Toxic Family”, had to navigate a ferociously challenging childhood but in order to fully thrive as an adult, she bravely chose to […]

Tracy Pleschourt is the founder of Self-Made U, a school that ends unnecessary suffering by teaching people self-control. Having struggled with overdrinking, overeating, career burnout, Tracy was living her life overwhelmed and confused. Getting to the root cause (an unmanaged brain) and learning how to intentionally manage her thoughts, feelings, and actions transformed her life. […]

SELF Control

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