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For many people, healing their relationship with food is an ongoing journey filled with challenges, self-discovery, and ultimately, self-acceptance. As slow and frustrating as this journey can feel sometimes, it does gradually fall into place and I recently experienced that “a-ha” moment when I realized just how far I had come with healing my relationship […]

Healing My Relationship With Food

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Over the past six months, I’ve been working on shifting my focus away from weight loss, and away from trying to mold my body to fit into the definition of beauty that the culture I live in has defined for me.  Previously, I believed my desire to lose weight stemmed from health concerns, finding well-fitting […]

“Self-care” is not what we think…

Health At Every Size

Amanda Mittman is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and body image coach who beautifully embodies my new direction of health at every size. She owns a group private practice of registered dietitians supporting people with disordered eating and eating disorders and teaches providers how to incorporate body image counseling skills into their […]

Weight Loss Isn’t Always The Answer

Health At Every Size

Over the past year or so, I have been quite committed to learning and living the principles of intuitive eating, which has made a huge difference for me.  Has it had an impact on my weight?  A little bit, but more in the sense that I am no longer stressing out about food. I am […]

A recent Facebook post from a fellow physician triggered such an emotional response from me, I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you as I was yet again reminded how pervasive weight discrimination and fat shaming is in our culture, even within medical circles. Her post stated that “40% of Americans are considered obese” […]


Health At Every Size

Today I’m really excited to be giving you a real time update on what’s going on in Michelle’s world! I’m sharing my wins and successes, what I’m working on, what’s been challenging me, and what my summer plans are looking like.  A few months ago, I changed the focus of my business from weight loss […]

My Slurpee Epiphany

Health At Every Size