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Amanda Mittman is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and body image coach who beautifully embodies my new direction of health at every size. She owns a group private practice of registered dietitians supporting people with disordered eating and eating disorders and teaches providers how to incorporate body image counseling skills into their […]

Weight Loss Isn’t Always The Answer

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I had no idea you could actually sit down and have an argument with your body, but it’s something I find myself doing a lot of the time. The reason for this is the external diet rules that continue to float around in my head – the “shoulds” and the “shouldn’ts” that can dictate my […]

Food Matching

Health At Every Size

The concept of food addiction has never sat particularly well with me, even more so after coming to the realization that we can risk damaging ourselves by calling our overeating an addiction.  Through looking at the definition of addiction and comparing the treatment for overeating with the treatment for over-consumption of alcohol, I want to […]

Food Addiction