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There is so much complexity involved with our relationship with food. And when we get so caught up in the diets, the rules, the calorie counting, the step tracking, the activity tracking…it’s so easy to lose the connection that we have with ourselves.  It’s always encouraging to talk to other women who are interested in […]

Healing Your Relationship with Food and Exercise

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As you know, sleep is a topic I’m passionate about because it’s so critical to almost every aspect of being our best selves. If we want to heal our relationship with food, get more movement, have stronger relationships, perform better at work, if we want all of these things, it all begins with sleep. Thriving […]

Let’s Talk Sleep Apnea


I recently opened up about the ongoing struggles my husband Rob and I face with meal planning and how it’s something we’re actively working on. That conversation sparked my curiosity, leading me to seek advice from an expert in the field! I was thrilled to chat with Courtney Genereux, who is passionate about meal planning […]

Bring The Joy to Meal Planning with Courtney Genereux

Healthy Habits

The decision to break free from dieting, restrictions, and deprivation to embrace intuitive eating is indeed liberating. However, there’s another dimension to this transition which is often overlooked. The concept of grief and its relation to weight loss is an important one to acknowledge because often a significant portion of our lives has been spent […]

I’m thrilled to share some valuable insights from a recent conversation I had with Leah Horton, a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Master Health and Life Coach. Leah’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of intuitive eating and the anti-diet approach. As someone who has navigated the challenges of breaking free from the […]

The Anti-Diet Approach

Health At Every Size

Today, we are delving into a topic that has gained significant attention recently: Ozempic and other GLP-1 inhibitors as weight loss medications. To help me broach this topic, I recently spoke with Heidi Karner, a dietician with a Masters in Health Promotion, who practices through an anti-diet, size-inclusive lens.  Through sharing Heidi’s expert insights, I […]

Should I use a weight loss medication?”

Weight Loss

For many people, healing their relationship with food is an ongoing journey filled with challenges, self-discovery, and ultimately, self-acceptance. As slow and frustrating as this journey can feel sometimes, it does gradually fall into place and I recently experienced that “a-ha” moment when I realized just how far I had come with healing my relationship […]

The prevailing belief in our society equates weight with health. This weight-centric health paradigm not only oversimplifies a complex issue but also perpetuates a harmful narrative that thinness equates to worthiness and respect. Driven by good intentions, proponents of this paradigm often overlook the harm it causes.  The problem is that this paradigm is not […]

Challenging the War on Ob*esity

Health At Every Size