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Despite some initial skepticism, I recently decided to dive into a new Netflix docuseries called “You Are What You Eat”. I had a hunch it might be pushing a certain agenda, but wanted to give it a fair shot before passing judgment. And while there were certainly aspects I appreciated, it soon became clear that […]

Are you really what you eat?

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Recently, I attended a lifestyle medicine conference in Denver, Colorado, where the focus was on promoting healthier living. After being surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared common values, the event left me invigorated. However, one crucial question still lingered: why do people struggle to maintain healthy habits?  The answer lies in the often-overlooked realm of […]

Why New Habits Don’t Stick


Today, we are delving into a topic that has gained significant attention recently: Ozempic and other GLP-1 inhibitors as weight loss medications. To help me broach this topic, I recently spoke with Heidi Karner, a dietician with a Masters in Health Promotion, who practices through an anti-diet, size-inclusive lens.  Through sharing Heidi’s expert insights, I […]

Should I use a weight loss medication?”

Weight Loss

The prevailing belief in our society equates weight with health. This weight-centric health paradigm not only oversimplifies a complex issue but also perpetuates a harmful narrative that thinness equates to worthiness and respect. Driven by good intentions, proponents of this paradigm often overlook the harm it causes.  The problem is that this paradigm is not […]

The concept of food addiction has never sat particularly well with me, even more so after coming to the realization that we can risk damaging ourselves by calling our overeating an addiction.  Through looking at the definition of addiction and comparing the treatment for overeating with the treatment for over-consumption of alcohol, I want to […]

Food Addiction