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For those living in a bigger body, the simple fact is this: chronic pain is not taken seriously enough. Instead, we’re told by doctors to just “lose weight” or “exercise more”. But in many cases, that can often exacerbate the issue even more. Diet culture, along with medical culture, dismisses chronic pain. So where are […]

Chronic Pain and Weight

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Although I have the word “thrive” in my podcast title, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about what it truly means to thrive. What does it mean to flourish? And what does it mean to live a life by design rather than just by default? Well, to help me answer all of these questions and […]

Living A Life By Design

Mental Health

In a world inundated with images of society’s “thin ideal” and constant social media messages dictating how we should look and eat, the pressure to conform to societal standards can feel overwhelming.  Most women have days where they struggle with “I hate my body!” moments, and if those thoughts are repeated day after day, it […]

Let’s Talk Body Image

Health At Every Size

If you’ve been following my journey recently, you’ll know I’m currently navigating pre-menopause and often talk about what’s going on with my periods. Before I went to medical school (I was 32 when I started), I had painful periods every month and was always told, “this is just normal”.  But it’s simply not true.  When […]

In today’s fast-paced world, where the pressure to constantly achieve and perform is ever-present, the concept of rest often takes a back seat. It’s a societal narrative ingrained in us – the belief that we must always be pushing ourselves, striving for more, and that any inclination towards rest is synonymous with laziness. However, taking […]

Restorative Practices To Reclaim Your Energy

Mental Health

Change is a constant in our lives, a force that shapes our journey and propels us towards growth. I am no stranger to change myself, having gone through many transformations over the course of my life. While the focus is often on how hard change can be, today I want to look at how we […]

Mastering big life changes with positive psychology

Mental Health

Recently, I attended a lifestyle medicine conference in Denver, Colorado, where the focus was on promoting healthier living. After being surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared common values, the event left me invigorated. However, one crucial question still lingered: why do people struggle to maintain healthy habits?  The answer lies in the often-overlooked realm of […]

Today, I want to share the story of health coach and hypnotherapist Sarah Donner. Starting out as a model at just 14 years old (all while going through the normal teenage body changes), her whole self-worth was focused on the size of her body. Luckily, transitioning careers allowed her to understand that there was so […]

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Intuitive Eating