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Today, I want to share the story of health coach and hypnotherapist Sarah Donner. Starting out as a model at just 14 years old (all while going through the normal teenage body changes), her whole self-worth was focused on the size of her body. Luckily, transitioning careers allowed her to understand that there was so […]

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

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No family is perfect, and every family has its own set of challenges to contend with, but early trauma can often lead to abusive or narcissistic relationships as adults. Susan Gold, author of “Toxic Family”, had to navigate a ferociously challenging childhood but in order to fully thrive as an adult, she bravely chose to […]

Transforming Trauma

Mental Health

Tracy Pleschourt is the founder of Self-Made U, a school that ends unnecessary suffering by teaching people self-control. Having struggled with overdrinking, overeating, career burnout, Tracy was living her life overwhelmed and confused. Getting to the root cause (an unmanaged brain) and learning how to intentionally manage her thoughts, feelings, and actions transformed her life. […]

SELF Control

Mental Health

Moms have so much on their plate, especially when their kids are younger and so much time is devoted to their upbringing.  Finding the space to actually prioritize your own health and wellbeing as a mom can feel impossible and overwhelming.  Robynn Powers is a health coach who works with moms to help them implement […]