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Despite some initial skepticism, I recently decided to dive into a new Netflix docuseries called “You Are What You Eat”. I had a hunch it might be pushing a certain agenda, but wanted to give it a fair shot before passing judgment. And while there were certainly aspects I appreciated, it soon became clear that […]

Are you really what you eat?

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If you’ve been following my journey recently, you’ll know I’m currently navigating pre-menopause and often talk about what’s going on with my periods. Before I went to medical school (I was 32 when I started), I had painful periods every month and was always told, “this is just normal”.  But it’s simply not true.  When […]

Your Menstrual Cycle As A Vital Sign

Mental Health

As you know, sleep is a topic I’m passionate about because it’s so critical to almost every aspect of being our best selves. If we want to heal our relationship with food, get more movement, have stronger relationships, perform better at work, if we want all of these things, it all begins with sleep. Thriving […]

Let’s Talk Sleep Apnea


I recently opened up about the ongoing struggles my husband Rob and I face with meal planning and how it’s something we’re actively working on. That conversation sparked my curiosity, leading me to seek advice from an expert in the field! I was thrilled to chat with Courtney Genereux, who is passionate about meal planning […]