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Many people wonder how their health decisions and journeys might affect life with their partners or families, and this is certainly something that I have had to navigate with my better half, Rob Issa. We have both faced individual struggles throughout our own health journeys and had to find ways to nurture our marriage while […]

How We Make Our Marriage Work

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I had no idea you could actually sit down and have an argument with your body, but it’s something I find myself doing a lot of the time. The reason for this is the external diet rules that continue to float around in my head – the “shoulds” and the “shouldn’ts” that can dictate my […]

Food Matching

Health At Every Size

It’s very normal and adaptive to feel anxious about things as a human being. If a lion is chasing us, we should feel that adrenaline going and have a response. But if you’re feeling that way every day and it’s regularly stopping you from doing things like talking to your boss, or calling Amazon to […]

Depression and Anxiety 101


A recent Facebook post from a fellow physician triggered such an emotional response from me, I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you as I was yet again reminded how pervasive weight discrimination and fat shaming is in our culture, even within medical circles. Her post stated that “40% of Americans are considered obese” […]

Tracy Pleschourt is the founder of Self-Made U, a school that ends unnecessary suffering by teaching people self-control. Having struggled with overdrinking, overeating, career burnout, Tracy was living her life overwhelmed and confused. Getting to the root cause (an unmanaged brain) and learning how to intentionally manage her thoughts, feelings, and actions transformed her life. […]

SELF Control

Mental Health

The concept of food addiction has never sat particularly well with me, even more so after coming to the realization that we can risk damaging ourselves by calling our overeating an addiction.  Through looking at the definition of addiction and comparing the treatment for overeating with the treatment for over-consumption of alcohol, I want to […]

Food Addiction